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    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    were a little late, as often happened on a Wednesday, to walk

    ‘Rat—tat-tat, Rat—tat-tat, Rat—tat-tat’

    She was more than human to me She was a Fairy, a Sylph, I

    ‘Is that what you found your supposition on, Mrs Crupp?’ said

    she has been, is, and will be, to my loving art I am rough, sir,’ said

    David Copperfield

    confidence! Oh, it’s such a relief, you can’t think, to know that you

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    my glass in my hand, ‘Well! I would give them D!’ which so

    ‘Oh dear, no!’ said Traddles, stroking his chin ‘The two

    again to a tall, raw-boned, high-nosed wife; and they had a weazen

    warm shake of the hand, I sat thinking about Dora, and looking at

    and I think it did them good, for I soon came to the conclusion that

    her from that which I had hitherto entertained, and opened the

    ‘That’s true, indeed,’ said I, moving my chair to the table ‘So

    where he was, but sat by the fireside, weeping silently, and

    David Copperfield

    what I said when you first overpowered me with surprise—you

    Mr Micawber was waiting for me within the gate, and we went

    translated to regions of exquisite happiness Exactly at the

    I glanced at the serene face looking upward, and thought it was

    window where some fowls and joints of meat were hanging up,

    rusty tassels to it; and a quizzing-glass hung outside his coat,—for

    was at all presentable

    her at all, under the ignoble circumstances of the case; but,

    on the Orfling, who was about to be disbanded


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