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    I heard that one boy who was a coalmerchants son came as a

    put it on bent, walked out, and never came back She vanished like

    newly-found old friends, I lived principally on Dora and

    sorrowfully the pen is laid down at the close of a two-years’

    you as welcome as a queen’

    David Copperfield

    to Mealy Potatoes, ran away

    likely ever to trouble us again’

    slowly, ma’am’

    that I really ought to have a little house-warming, and that there

    ‘Let the wretched man who now addresses you, my dear

    ‘Ah! I thought Miss Agnes would know of it!’ he quietly

    distress She then entreated me to come upstairs, sobbing that Mr

    My spirits sank under these words, and I became very downcast

    uttered; fruitlessly in any case, for there was no one near But

    attention to me by saying, ‘Clara, my dear, there’s nothing like

    No blame on him for nearly twenty years, his mind will feel very well, but he did not know this man, sometimes feel the brotherhood, sometimes but feel like two is like complaining. Chou

    softened by age and sex, in her, to a gracious dignity I thought,

    forgive me—I thought you had’

    out to bed, I sat down to write my letter to the two old ladies By

    mirth at the comic parts, and to be overcome with fear when there

    were rather handsome than otherwise, though unbending and

    in the absence of anybody else

    arm, and Peggotty carrying another small box of ours, we turned

    her hand ‘With determination With character, Trot—with

    To be sure he had nothing to do with any other part of the world,

    did not go backward in the favour of his staunch friend, my aunt


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