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    I should think there never can have been a man who enjoyed

    ‘Really, Master Copperfield,’ he said, ‘—I should say Mister, but

    I remember a night, even the general did not wear armor, a black outfit, the horse bolted, destroy the enemy, have a cup of tea is not that he should have been brought back to the enemy generals head deadpan generals in the moonlight, jade face stained with blood, was a demon, the painting the surface is evil like terrible. The second battalion Shura Lieutenant a recall, but also can not help but tremble.

    ‘Very unpromising,’ said Mr Jorkins

    ‘And now they are partners,’ said I ‘Confound him!’

    ‘I don’t!’ she said ‘Oh dear me, don’t suppose that I think

    said Traddles

    the usual pace The reins were broken, but they had been

    ‘Well, she’s unsettled at present,’ said Mr Omer ‘It ain’t that

    see who was passing on the narrow pavement below It was quite

    glad to see you here, and can assure you that he feels an unusual

    every competitor,’ she pursued ‘My son informs me, Mr

    yet a coolness grows between Miss Shepherd and myself

    those books as I did It is curious to me how I could ever have

    satisfaction in seeing her superintend us, and in chiming in with

    immediately Her department appears to be, to clean everything

    hard, and was so exhausted that he was obliged to sit on the stool

    she gave me, that lives in my mind, though it was as fervent as

    ‘Keep that, in case of sickness,’ said my aunt ‘We mustn’t use it

    ‘In the name of Heaven,’ said Miss Betsey, suddenly, ‘why

    quickly—for there was always some effect of sarcasm in what Rosa

    Ham said,

    wrong can touch my Em’ly while so be as that man lives”’

    and we went home arm in arm in great good humour and delight I

    David Copperfield

    ‘You had better give it to me to take care of,’ he said ‘At least,


    Copyright I should think there never can have been a man who enjoyed