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    struck speechless and motionless

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    ‘It has become a second nature,’ said Mrs Steerforth, without


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    As to me or my future, not a word was said, or a step taken

    upon Peggotty (who was only angry on my account, good

    mother, who had been looking at its eyes as it lay upon her lap,

    by the fire While he was so engaged, he asked me what I would

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    during my month of trial; that Steerforth, to my great

    going, or to remain quietly where I was, until he should come out

    known to every boy in the school; and though he never took an

    could not well be more ink splashed about it, if it had been roofless

    David Copperfield

    was the Doctor himself, who, when they were shortly afterwards

    it in a dinner or a tea I know that I worked, from morning until

    events, Mrs Micawber’s, she being very sensitive; but I was

    distracting policy

    pouring wine from the empty decanter, set it down and paced

    papa, has been actually thrown away for nothing But I never will

    ‘The articles of corn and coals,’ said Mrs Micawber, still more

    unto whom my childish heart is certain that the Lord will one day

    That's all. Second.

    introduce Traddles to her, who was shy, but agreeable, and the

    the beginning of it all did take place here—and then the end come

    ‘I must go,’ she said at last, rising as she spoke ‘It’s late You


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