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    love with Steerforth and I am sure as I sat in the dark thinking of

    ‘Upon your soul?’ said Uriah

    Peggotty, who was thoughtfully sticking her needle into various

    said Mr Wickfield, not without a glance at Uriah for his approval

    tears were really hard to flow now, as they seemed to be, what, in

    ‘We are not likely to encounter soon again;—a source of

    Hush, no matter, nothing, the big day of the collapse of all of my support. He rarely coax her, originally wanted to take her chest, but she thought she was eighteen, so give up.

    steadier and much worthier than me, who was all bound up in

    with a pang, at once his modest fortitude and his great sorrow

    without doing it—which I thought was merely gaping, or I should

    remember’—but that associated itself with the fifth of November,

    she closed her thin hand on my arm like a spring, to keep me back,

    suspect it was not the Genuine Stunning; and the landlord’s wife,

    queer, out-of-the-way kind of hole, I was highly pleased We went

    ‘The cheerfulness that belongs to you, Agnes (and to no one else

    nothing to guess at She is at present apprenticed, Miss Mowcher,

    create I thought her more like him than ever I had thought her;

    weights that she was quite unequal to, and fagging to and fro on

    ‘Yes,’ returned Agnes, laughing ‘Pretty well’

    mankind will do to maintain any place against him

    or a very false one I often glanced at it, for she sat in the window

    ‘You are going through, sir?’ said the coachman


    Copyright love with Steerforth and I am sure as I sat in the dark thinking of